.........    and surely Lineker felled by a Paraguayan Elbow...??

Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club


We are, for some reason, the Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club  


Elbows at the Ashes, Lord's, July 2013

(sorry about the hat.  Chops)



Based in Kent, England, we are now but a most occasional wandering side, exchanging more jocular e-mails these days than sideways comments in the slips.  But we still bang on about Deacs' triple pair, Pete's sweater which tried to turn itself back into a sheep, and the days when Merv arrived from downunder and smote (no other word for it) his first ball for six, hitting one of the CUACO sports ground floodlight pylons half-way up. Not to mention Abrar handing his syrup to an astonished umpire to hold to stop it falling off again in delivery. 

Now, more than twenty years since Philbrook ventured out onto Blackheath in 1986 with some stumps and the fielding positions drawn on a piece of paper, with CUACO no more and Merv long-since returned to Wogga-Wogga, with Old Elbonians scattered around the country, nay the globe, like fielders preparing for Another Ron Kalifa Come-back Over, we rarely get round to actually playing cricket together (some not at all):  In 2003, we played just three games, nicely resulting in one win, one draw and one other result.  In 2004 and 2005, we thought about a game, but never quite got round to it. 

Then as 2006 beckoned, our 20th year, England were once again drawn against Paraguay in the [football] world cup.  Could history repeat itself?  A re-union tour might be the way to see.. [2006 tour pics]    To commemorate, a 20th anniversary t-shirt was commissioned.  Available XXL, XL, L and M at 9 each.  [more]

One single game in 2007 saw us give our hosts at Downe CC a much welcome end-of-season victory, but heralded (!) the comeback of the Brush   [here].  

This was then duly repeated in 2008 despite the return to the team of Welsh spinning sensation Dom (lush!) and, fresh from the sub-continent, all-rounder (no, not you Alan) Veraf! [2008 Downe here].  2009 however, saw a return to winning ways and yet more clamouring for another tour.   Downe were again the opposition [here]

Since then, well.... let's call it a hiatus.


However, we have started to build our exciting archive:  

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