The story behind the Paraguayan Elbows CC       

Who are we?  The Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club was founded in 1986 in north-west Kent.  Our first ever game was played on Blackheath which is regarded as the club's birth place and we  have also played bank holiday fixtures in the Royal Park at Greenwich.  For the past few years we have been a wandering side, although our history shows that we previously played home matches at Harvington in Beckenham, Cudham, Westerham and Lee Green (Blackheath Wanderers CC).  We have also enjoyed several tours to places like Sussex, West Somerset and Nottinghamshire.

Now the duck has disappeared from Caligulette's (Bromley), the spark has gone.  That duck was our inspiration, although we did not know it at the time.  So now we are best described as an "occasional side"; a group of old friends many of whom play elsewhere or do other things, roping in club colleagues for games and meeting up for a beer and a curry.

But how did it begin and where did the unusual name come from?  A frequently-asked question this, for some reason! The founders of the club were watching the 1986 football World Cup and pondering over a name for their newly-formed club.  As fortune would have it, they were watching England play Paraguay. Gary Lineker had the ball and was clean through the middle when he was taken out by a defender using that pointy bit in the middle of his arm. John Motson was commentating and said those now immortal words:  ".. and surely Lineker felled by a Paraguayan Elbow!". The quest for a name was over. Gary is now our Honorary President. As he wrote in the Telegraph, talking about the Paraguay game "...  

I personally have rather pleasant memories of them, having played in the England side which beat them 3-0 ... ...   I say pleasant memories but although I scored two goals in that game I also got a Paraguayan elbow in the throat. While I was off the pitch receiving treatment, .. Peter Beardsley took up the position I usually frequent at corner kicks and managed to get the other goal, so he robbed me of a hat-trick!

 Go here to see the full article Gary wrote for the Telegraph

How do we play the game and what standard are we?  We play the game as we believe it should be played.  Fairly and properly with respect for other players, umpires and everyone involved, but also to win.  As an occasional Sunday or midweek side, our captain will ensure that everyone gets a game, even if this might be at the expense of a result or Alan Philbrook's bowling average.  Standard-wise, we are varied, depending on who is playing but the side usually has a nucleus of players who have played league cricket, perhaps to second XI standard. 

Does the club have stuff like rules or a constitution?  Of course, read it [here] (but can anyone remember the last time they attended an AGM??).

Go here to see some early Elbows pictures.

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