Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club   

2009's Big Fixture saw a return to winning ways in our annual visit to Downe..

The club's first win for six years is a matter worth celebrating.

Full scorecard:  CLICK ->   [here]

Some shots of the day (thanks mainly to Alan)..


Kalif, Brush and Deacs discuss the merits of a Millie versus a John Copus  special


Ron decides to try his out, helped by the Big V...                                     Alex Youth Policy 1 Watts decides to get his brother (Chris Youth Policy 2 Watts) to bring out a new bat ....



  while Russ showed his son how to actually use one.

  and here's the winning team..

follow link embedded in team pic for larger version

if you want a higher res copy e-mail Ian and I'll send it

Rear: I Harris (scorer); B Deller, M Brushett, A Philbrook, R Kalifa, C Watts, A, Ahmed (ump)

Front: MG Deacon, G Moir JR, A Watts, Cap'n G Moir SR, R Humm, V Khambatta