Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club   

2007's Big Fixture 

well, only fixture, was a re-run of the 1998 trip to Downe

in a 40-over game, Downe batted first by "mutual consent", i.e. some Elbows were still in the pub, and scored a sporty 200, Bob Deller starring with 3 wickets.  In reply, a spirited 40 from Deacon and an undefeated 49 by skipper Moir Sr (denied a 50 when guest Martin Watts from Leigh was unfortunately run out on the last ball going for that second run) weren't enough to make up for two DISASTEROUS run-outs early in the innings and some rustiness on the part of the likes of Ahmed, Kalifa and Philbrook all making their first appearances since the 2006 tour.

Scorecard courtesy of Danielle [here]

Some pictures of the day's action [here]

follow link embedded in team pic for larger version

Rear: Brushett, Deller, Watts M (Leigh CC), Shaw (Leigh CC), Kalifa, Philbrook, umpire Watts C (Leigh CC)

Front: Deacon, Watts B (Leigh CC), Moir Sr, Moir Jr, Ahmed.