The Constitution of the Paraguayan Elbows CC       

1. The name of the club is Paraguayan Elbows Cricket Club (the Club).

2. The club is open to women and men of any race, creed, colour or ability.

3. The objective of the club is to play friendly, non-league cricket with particular regard to the "spirit of the game" including utmost respect to all other players and officials. In this context, the captain is responsible for achieving a balance between winning the game and giving each member of the team "a game". The club aims to play the game seriously but fairly.


4. Candidates for membership shall be invited to join the club, having played at least three matches, with the approval of any two out of the current captain, the chairman, the treasurer or any vice president, with the proviso that any of the foregoing shall have the right to veto any prospective member on any legitimate grounds.

5. Membership shall be confirmed each year by the payment of an annual subscription, the amount to be determined by the Annual General Meeting. The subscription is due and payable at the start of each season.

6. Members whose annual subscription is outstanding shall only be permitted a vote at the AGM (or any EGM) with the express permission of the Chairman of the meeting and the Honorary Secretary.

Officers of the Club

7. The Club shall be managed jointly by an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Fixtures Secretary, the team Captain and a team Vice Captain. The rules do not prohibit any one person holding more than one post, although provided there are sufficient members, these posts should be filled by a minimum of three different members.

8. The Honorary Secretary shall maintain a list of members.

9. The Honorary Treasurer's responsibilities are dealt with in paragraph 21 (below).

10. The Club may appoint from time to time an Honorary Chairman whose role is to chair the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting and to provide high level advice and guidance to the club as a whole. He/she should be a current or recent playing member.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

11. The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) normally between the end of the cricket season and the end of the calendar year.

12. All members and (at the discretion of the Captain and Hon. Secretary) any regular players (notwithstanding that they may not be current members) shall be invited to the meeting.

13. The quorum shall require the presence of the current Hon. Secretary (compulsory), the current Hon. Treasurer (compulsory) and at least two out of the Hon. Fixtures Secretary, the Captain and the Vice Captain (although out of the latter group, any resigning positions shall be excluded and the quorum reduced accordingly).

14. In the absence of any current Chairman, the AGM shall appoint a chairman for the meeting.

15. The AGM shall appoint or re-appoint each year the Honorary Treasurer, the Honorary Fixtures Secretary, the Honorary Secretary, the team Captain and the Vice Captain.

16. The AGM shall determine matters of strategy such as type, location and quantity of fixtures to be played.

17. The agenda for each AGM shall be drafted by the Honorary Secretary although any member shall be free to submit agenda items.

18. Each current member shall have a single vote on any proposal.

19. In the event of votes being equal on any proposal, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

Extraordinary General Meetings

20. Any two current paid up members may together call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on any matter. The same quorum requirements and voting rules as for an AGM shall apply.

The Honorary Treasurer

21. The duties of the Honorary Treasurer shall be as follows:

a) Maintain the financial accounts of the club (an accounting period is to run from 1 October to 30 September the following year)

b) Collect subscriptions and match fees from individual members and players as appropriate. It is permitted that the Hon. Treasurer may arrange with another player, such as the Captain or Vice captain, to collect match fees from any match in which the Honorary Treasurer is not involved.

c) Make payments and disbursements for expenditure such as annual insurance, association/conference membership fees, consumable equipment (balls, scorebooks, etc.), all subject to the terms of the Bank mandate (see below). Any exceptional payments for purposes other than those listed in this section shall be agreed verbally by the Hon. Secretary and the Captain unless they exceed 200 (two hundred pounds) wherein they should be sanctioned by an AGM or EGM.

d) Present a financial report to the AGM including:

i) A statement of income and expenditure for the most recently-completed accounting period

ii) A note of any amounts uncollected from members and of any cash payments to third parties outstanding.

iii) A report as to what outstanding monies are expected to be collected.

iv) A statement of current assets and liabilities, particularly cash

v) A statement of projected expenditure for the following period or season

vi) Recommendations as to the level of annual membership subscription and match fee for the following season.

22. Outstanding match fees and subscriptions may be waived only with the agreement of the AGM.

Bank mandate

23. All cheques paying monies away from the Club's bank account shall be signed jointly by the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary. Where these two posts are held by the same single person, the AGM shall appoint an alternative second signatory, ideally the Captain.

Arrangement of fixtures

24. The sole responsibility for arranging fixtures is with the Hon Fixtures Secretary, with the proviso that he/she should take into account the views of members in general and regarding the suitability of particular opposition teams. The AGM or an EGM has the power to remove any fixture from the fixture list, such fixture may not be re-instated without the approval of the AGM or an EGM.

Team selection

25. The team shall be selected by the Captain, or in his absence, the acting captain for the match concerned.

26. The Captain or acting captain shall select initially, where practicable, from the Club's current paid-up membership. He may, however, include trialists for membership up to a maximum of three games.


27. The club's colours shall be red and blue against a green background. Regalia such as caps, sweaters, playing shirts, etc, may incorporate the club's 'parrot' logo.

Club Constitution

28. These rules may only be amended by a resolution of the AGM.

Web Site

29. The club's domain name is The site shall contain, inter alia, this club constitution.

Rule 30

30. There is no rule 30.

As agreed November 2000

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